Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My New Best Friend

I have a new besstttt friennnddddd!!!!

Meet my new love. 

Just arrived yesterday. After years (yes, years!!) of ogling and drooling and coveting and oohing and into the shopping cart, out of the shopping cart. Back into the shopping cart. 

Yes, I'm a freak. A foodie freak. 

And now she's here. 

Finally here!!

I could barely wait to open the box. But of course I had to take a photo first. Obvi. 

Isn't she gorgeous? That color! That shine! That style!!

Almost reminds me of a perfect red nail polish. Or red lipstick, right KariAnne? Or the most amazing pair of red shoes. Bling for the kitchen. 

She even looks gorgeous in the draining rack. Next to the missing tiles and the unpainted moldings and the spackle around the new kitchen window. Nobody will ever, ever look at that  missing tile and unfinished window mess when this beauty is in the draining rack! 

I'm in love. I might never put her in a cabinet. And I almost don't even want to use her....yet I'm dying to. 

Oh the places we'll go.....

I can't wait to get started. 



  1. You are amazing, this is so well thought out and beautiful. I love the imagery in your words. good luck in the new kitchen, best frand!

  2. I'm no chef...but you had me at red! ;)

  3. Ha ha wouldn't she look so pretty in your kitchen, Kim? Right under that amazing wreath!!

  4. Yummy! I have the less expensive Martha Stewart version and it cooks great. I bet it's not as durable as yours though. Those pots weigh a zillion pounds but the food comes out great.

    1. I think I have used it every single day since I got it! I am so pleased - it cooks so evenly and cleans up like a dream. And it looks good doing it!!


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