Friday, March 17, 2017

Pillow Talk

Despite Mother Nature's cruel practical joke, dumping over 3 feet of snow on us, it is still that time of year when I like to bring some spring colors back into the living room. 

It might be nothing but shades of white outdoors, but in my cozy home I've transformed the living room in the easy peasy way I love, simply by swapping out pillow covers. 

After all the hustle and bustle and decor of the holidays, I really like to simplify my decor and keep things very neutral. I find it restful to the eye and soul after all the vibrantly colored holiday decor is packed up once again. 

But, by mid March, when the clocks change and the first day of spring is around the corner, I'm ready for some color again. 

This year I decided I wanted orange and aqua for the spring colors. 

I used some of the pillow covers I had from last spring's refresh, as well as a few new ones I picked up from Pottery Barn's clearance sale. 

I seriously love that place. 

The two white pillows with the orange tassels are new....I've been drooling over them for ages, and they finally went on clearance. 

Yes please! They bring such a nice pop of happiness to the room, don't you think?

The swivel chairs got new covers that coordinate with the center pillow on the sofa, that I've had for a couple of years. They were super cheap, also on clearance, and it was a complete coincidence that they coordinated with a pillow I already had. I love when that happens!

The leather recliners got some brightly colored cushions as well, and I love the way they look with the colored glass shade on this lamp. 

The fluffy winter pillow covers and leopard throw went for a spin in the washer, and by the time I was done putting on the new ones, they were ready to be hung up to dry. 

Never put your pillow covers in the me, I learned that the hard way. 

Do you know that the only thing I like about the ugly railing by the stairs to the lower level is that it's a great place to dry laundry?

It's on my list to replace one of these days. But for now, my fuzzy leopard throw is drying there. 

It's nice to wash everything at the end of the winter, and pack it away all fresh and clean for the next season. That's what I love so much about changing out my pillow covers rather than whole pillows. It's so much easier to store just the covers, and they are always fresh and clean again when I go to put them back on. 

Especially since I have two very spoiled furbabies who think they own the house. 

By the time I hung up the laundry to dry, the Monkey had already claimed one of the new pillows as her own. 

I grabbed the camera to take a photo.....and when I turned around I found this. 

Seriously, they are so spoiled! 

My nice fresh fluffy pillows didn't last too long, did they?

That's ok, I can deal. 

I lit all my little candles and twinkle lights and settled in for the evening, while the snow was coming down outside. 

My old girl gave up on her chair when she heard me making dinner in the kitchen. 

Food is always first and foremost for her. 

The fire was toasty warm, dinner was in the oven, and I was quite content in my little house. 

There was truly no place else in the world I would rather be. 

In the morning, the sun was beaming in through the front windows, and it looked like spring in my living room....despite the snow and frigid temperatures outside. 

I had to capture a photo of this lovely cyclamen my dear friend brought to me - the flowers are such a gorgeous shade of fuschia, just the thing my winter weary soul needed. 

I made a cup of coffee, and brought it into the living room, to settle in my favorite chair next to the fire. 

And the little punks had already taken over the living room again. 

My spoiled little babies. 

What would I do without them?


  1. Fabulous. I love the color!! And your spoiled pups! ;)

  2. LOL, your dogs know where the comfort and heat is in your home. So funny. I like the new pillows. I sure could use some new ones here. Blessings for a great weekend, stay warm. xoxo, Susie

  3. That is too funny. So sorry about the snow! Wow. I hope it is already melting away. Pretty pictures.

  4. What a HUGE difference! Aren't pillows just the most fun?! I love them and have been going crazy buying them this year. Thanks for sharing your lovely room.

  5. A touch of spring inside can sure help to drive away the winter blues. Your pillows are so pretty in your room. xo Laura

  6. These look fabulous. I love to swap out pillows.

  7. Your home is one of my favorites to visit. The babies look very content on your new pillows...although, the sound of cooking does take precedence. My Riley is like that...rustle a package or even open the refrigerator and he's by your side. Hope your snow is gone soon and doesn't come back until next winter! xoxo

  8. A "pop of happiness" is the perfect description for your cheery spring room, Debbie!
    Pillow covers are such a great solution. Our pups are always on top of them, too...good thing we can wash them!

  9. I love those orange pillows! Pottery Barn is my favorite place to shop, also. And IKEA. Between the two I am in heaven! Pottery Barn has a dining table that I want so bad, and hubby even gave me permission to buy it, but alas I have no place to put it until we get our new house built. I love that your puppies seemed to enjoy the new decor more than you! Lol. Come on spring....

  10. I love all the looks you come up with. I like nutural colors on the walls and furniture and just change accent items to match the season.

  11. Love your pretty, bright pillows! They add such a wonderful touch of cheer to your living room.

  12. Nice to get ready for spring! Our furbabies are worth sharing the pillows with, don't you think! Nancy

  13. Your new pillow covers add a nice pop of bright spring color to your living room, Deb! Orange and turquoise are such a pretty color combo. It's nice that your fur babies appreciate the finer things in life. hehe Gotta love that sunshine streaming through your windows!

  14. Oh man your home is so cozy I love it :)

  15. Amazing how your Spring pillows liven up the room. I love the coziness of the whole room. I have a bug right now to change out my lamps and add more light in my living room. My bunnies and Spring décor will come out when all the snow melts :-)

  16. Hehehehe..... your pups crack me up! They're just like mine. Bubba and Mini have their own chairs in the living room too and Bubba always sits on my pillows :)

    I love all the Spring color you added. It looks fresh, but cozy at the same time.

    I'm glad you could finally comment. YAY! :)


  17. Such a cheerful spring room...and I loved the shots of the dogs getting comfortable there! They are both so cute!
    Helen xox

  18. Orange is one of my favorite colors ... so, I am loving those new pillow covers!



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