Tuesday, August 16, 2016


You know that feeling, as summer is dwindling, that it's time to do a little more 'nesting?'

It's not quite fall...but the nights are getting cooler, and the leaves are starting to give us a hint of what's to come. 

After spending the past few months pretty much living outdoors, I start to make my way back inside once more. 

The garden is producing like crazy, I'm cooking up meals for the freezer with an eye towards the long winter ahead. 

And it's time to hit "REFRESH" on some of the spring/early summer decor that's been in place for a couple of months now. 

Along with giving my little house a deep clean....which feels necessary at this point, as the spring deep clean seems long past. 

This past weekend brought big storms our way, which cooled things off just enough to get some work done around the house. 

The clouds came in, the skies grew dark, the wind kicked up....and I also kicked into high gear. 

Remember how I told you I need to sometimes look online to find inspiration to get up and do a big cleaning

Well, it obviously worked, because this is what happened: 

I started by taking off all the covers to the throw pillows in the living room. 

The throws went into the laundry pile, also. 

And then, the sofa covers followed. It's not something I do terribly often, but it was time. 

Because of this. 

My spoiled pups think they own every single piece of furniture in the house. 

And they do. Clearly. 

Before long, my living room looked like this. 

I am grateful every day that I opted for a sofa with a slipcover. It's so freeing to know that if something spills...or the pups have muddy feet...the covers come right off and go into the machine. 

Plus, I really love the neutral backdrop, so I can change up colors in the room whenever the mood strikes me. 

I had washed the cushion covers a couple of times in the year I've had the sofa, but this was the first time I also took the cover off the frame. I was a little nervous that it would be difficult, but there was a Velcro seam down the middle of the back that made it super simple!

While the slipcover was in the wash, I gathered up some fresh pillow covers and got the throw pillows ready. 

I love having pillow forms with removable and washable covers. I bought my feather pillow inserts from Pottery Barn, and instead of having to store a bunch of different pillows, I just have to store different covers. 

Yup, smarter than the average bear, I tell you!

Before long, the sofa covers were ready to be put back on, all fresh and clean and sweet smelling.

A couple of things that are important to remember when washing a slipcover: 

1. Make sure you zip up the covers before you throw them in the wash - it helps keep them from fraying around the trim by the zippers (on the inside of the cover.) 

I learned that the hard way with a previous sofa. 

2. Do not dry them all the way - leave them a tiny bit damp to make it easier to put them back on the cushions. 

Trust me, it helps. 

Plus, your living room will smell like fresh laundry while they continue to dry. Bonus!!

I wish these chairs would have come in a slipcovered option, but unfortunately they did not. So, I did the next best thing, by draping a washable throw over the chair. 

I can remove it when company comes over....and off comes the dog hair with it!

Meanwhile, it will help protect the upholstery....since this seems to be the little Monkey's favorite spot in the house. 

It was fun to get the sofa all dressed up again. Let's face it, a plain sofa needs a little 'jewelry' to make it look its best. 

I added the pillows, and then went to my stash of throws to see what I had. 

The first one I chose was a nice amber color, which played off the amber in the multi-color pillows. 

But it seemed a little too autumn-like, so I went a different route. 

I stuck with the pale green throw that had been on the sofa all spring and summer. It was fresh and clean from the laundry, works with the colored pillows, and seemed a little brighter for summer. 

By this time, the skies had opened up, and although it was mid-day, it was dark in my little house!

I didn't care, it felt cozy and welcoming to me, and it was lovely and clean. 

The wood floors were gleaming, the carpets thoroughly vacuumed, and the pups were in my daughter's bathroom, getting a much needed bubble bath of their own!

Here's where we started, before I ripped the room apart for a refresh:

And here's the late summer living room, with a tad more color as we head into foliage season:

Not a HUGE difference, but it feels so much fresher to me now. 

And cozy as heck!

The best part of all? It's my home. 

Home Sweet Home. There's nothing like it. 


  1. I absolutely love your pillow covers. Your room looks so welcoming. I am like you I look at pictures and instantly get motivated to do reorganizing and cleaning.

    1. Thanks, Anne! Most of the covers I've been collecting from Pottery Barn sales - although I have a few cheap ones that I got on Amazon as well! I love being able to bring in different colors as the mood strikes me. And...I'm glad there are kindred spirits like you out there to let me know I'm not crazy! :)

  2. I'm drooling over those pillow covers! They do make everything look cozy. :) Fall is indeed in the air...I actually had to turn off the vent that brings the cool air into our home last night because I woke up with a very icy cold nose!

    1. It's gorgeous here today, Debbie - our heat wave finally broke, and there's a breeze in the trees - just lovely!

  3. Oh so pretty! I wish I had opted for pillow inserts and covers. I don't have room! It may be cooling off where you are, but NOT HERE!

    1. Sorry, my friend - you would love the weather here today!! Summer's not done with us yet, according to the forecast, but for today it's giving us a break!

  4. Always so nice to freshen up...I love to be able to wash covers and change out pillow slips, too! Very cozy, pretty room!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Yes, I often see pillows that I'm tempted to buy at Home Goods and such, but I resist...I'll buy covers, but not pillows!

  5. It looks so pretty. I know it must smell nice. I always love clean throws. Every goes so well together. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. I need you to come over and decorate?!?

  7. Ok Deb, you're making the rest of us look bad ;).

  8. Replies
    1. You just have to love PB's pillows! But only when they are on sale....I REFUSE to pay full price!! :)

  9. Your home looks so cozy and ready for fall! Still hot and humid here in IL and I'm still relishing summer, so no re-decorating for me just yet. Very smart to buy a sofa with removable slipcovers. If you don't mind, may I ask where you got that sofa? We have a sofa with removable slipcovers in our basement family room, but it's from IKEA - a cheap one. However, we rarely sit down there so a cheap sofa fits the purpose for that room. We need a new sofa for our living room and I'd love to get a GOOD sofa with removable covers!

    1. I hear ya, Melanie! I bought slipcovered sofas for the lower level also, but they were definitely less pricey than the living room sofa. The one up in the living room was from Ethan Allen, custom order, of course. It took quite a while to come in, but it was so worth it. And I chose something with very classic, clean lines, because I'm not planning on buying furniture again EVER if I can help it! That's why I invested in Ethan Allen!

  10. Love, love, love this! You are so right - sometimes just a few changes make all the difference. I can't wait to have a house to decorate... just wish the architect would hurry up! ;) I also love slipcovered sofas. My mom taught me years ago, when I was a teenager, how to make a pattern out of an old slipcover to make a new one. She used to switch out her slipcovers with the seasons so it seemed like we always had new furniture. The slipcovers lasted a lot longer, also, since they were used only about three months of the year! You have a lovely home.

    1. Thanks, Vickie! Wow, what a talent, to be able to sew something like a slipcover! I have ZERO sewing skills, unfortunately, so I need to rely on others for any sewing needs. Oh well, it is what it is!

  11. Your home is so lovely and comfy feeling. I love the change in your look. Just a few tweaks and it gives a different mood.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

    1. I agree, Lorraine, bringing in the bolder colors makes the room feel cozier, somehow!

  12. Love the pops of color. It gives your room a certain crispness.

    1. Thanks, Laurie - crisp like a fall apple, I think? :) I have apples on the brain today...

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nancy!! I'm not sure if it's truly ambition, or necessity....:)

  14. Oh, if it would just cool off now here! A bit of rain helped today, but I am ready for fall, and it is still a month away.

    1. we are going to hit the 40's tomorrow night and I can't wait to wake up to a crisp Tuesday morning!!

  15. LOL! I know right. my dogs think they own everything too! They are constantly laying anywhere they want. When im at a house where the person makes their dog get off the "forbidden furniture" im like oh shoot im totally doing it wrong at home with mine haha!


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