Thursday, December 17, 2015

Puttering Sweetie

I'm so  lucky to have a good man in my life.....not only is he sweet, funny, and handsome but he also likes puttering around the house. 

Just like me. I love puttering

But I work full time so my puttering days are limited to weekends. 

Fortunately for me, my sweetie will often surprise me by coming to my house while I'm at work and tackling little projects to make my life better and/or easier. 

He's a good man. I might just have to keep him. 

This week he tackled two projects for me as little surprises while I was at work. 

The first one is this ingenious system he worked up in that brain of his to store some of my patio cushions - and hopefully keep the critters out of them. 

Check this out - he suspended them from the rafters in the garage, in a mesh tarp bundle, high up in the air! 

I worried - how will I get them down in the spring? We know how much I hate ladders, right?

Well, Sweetie thought of everything - he rigged up this pulley system to raise and lower the bundle to make things easier for me. 

He bought this pulley a few years back after I had knee surgery so I could raise and lower bags of firewood up to my second story deck - it was a slow process and much quicker to just have my daughter bring in all the wood! But the thought was there....and it was a good idea. I just didn't have the patience to stand there and keep turning that crank. 

The pulley was removed when I was moving from that rental and stored until needed again. The next use was when a snow and ice storm bent a tree nearly in half on my new property. My sweetie rigged the pulley up to pull the tree upright again in stages so it wouldn't snap. It worked - genius, I tell you!

And now it's in place in my garage with this new system. I tell you, that man's brain works in ways mine never, ever would!

It's seriously a wonderful system and hopefully by having the cushions suspended so high up the critters will stay out of them. Fingers crossed. 

The path is cleared again so it's easier to carry in wood. 

You know, if we ever need a fire again here in the mountains of Upstate NY. Ever. 

Since it's been 50 - 60 degrees consistently. No fire needed!

Weird weather. 

Anyway.....the second surprise I got this week was just yesterday when my honey came over and put up a lit wreath at the peak of the roof. 

He brought me over the wreath from his house....he wasn't using it.....but I was already done with the decorating outside and there was no way I was getting back on that ladder. 

No way Jose. Not happening. No, thank you. Uh....nope. 

So the wreath sat on a chair by the door. And then I hung it around the porch light, which was ok, but not great. 

But I was ok with it because it didn't require me stepping on a ladder. Worked for me!

My sweetie came over with a friend yesterday and took care of it while I was at work. What a nice surprise to come home to!  It looks lovely from the road, and now the house looks finished for the holidays. 

However.....unless he's going to get back on the ladder after the holidays that baby's going to stay up year round!!

It will give the birds a place to nest, come Spring. 


  1. It looks great. I'm glad you two found each other. I just got married for the first time not even 2 years ago. I waited until my 30's .

    1. Many people wait until they are in their 30's these days....I did it backwards! I'm happy I had my girls young, though...we are so close.

  2. Your sweetie is so totally awesome! I love the idea of having your cushions suspended and an easy way for you to get them down! Men think of the best things sometimes!! Love the looks so pretty! Hopefully it will get cold soon so that you can put that firewood to good use! :-) Hugs!!

    1. He's a keeper, for sure!! It's a miserable, rainy day here....if only it was colder we'd be getting quite the snowstorm!! Hugs to you, my friend xo

  3. FYI since I live on a boat I happen to know that critters are able to climb right up those lines....however there is something that might deter them Peppermint Oil. Here is a link you might want to read.... Best wishes with this....I didn't realize it needed to be applied every month!

    1. Uh oh.....darn, I thought he was onto something here!! Perhaps they will be deterred since they have other places that are much easier to get to in the garage.

  4. Your sweetie is a keeper. :):) I read Robyn comment...she's right. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. Oh boy, who knows what I'll find in there when I pull down that bundle in spring? Yikes!! Blessings to you also, Susie - and Merry Christmas!

  5. Not only is your sweetie creative, he willingly (and I would guess cheerfully) takes on tasks. I did wonder about rodents scampering up the rope. Nasty little beggars!

    1. I guess there's no chance of keeping the critters away so I just ordered some all natural repellent sachets....fingers crossed they will help!!


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