Friday, December 4, 2015

The December Garden

This has been the weirdest season so far up here on the mountain top. The temps have been much warmer than usual, which means parts of the garden are still not dormant. Normally by this time of year we would have had a few snows already and the gardens would be fast asleep by now. 

Not this year! 

We had an early dusting about 6 weeks ago and nothing since. 


Very, very strange. 

So this morning when I woke up and looked out my window I got a little excited and headed out with the camera. 

There was a little dusting of snow....FINALLY....and the garden cottage was frosted. 

The mountains out the other bedroom window looked gorgeous in the morning light. The horses were out in their pasture having breakfast and the scene was rather peaceful. 

Out on the deck I could see the sun trying to peek through the clouds and the far summit looks like it got a good bit of snow. 

The seating area can't be used this morning but by Sunday we're supposed to be back up over 50 degrees again and sunny. 


Maybe we'll get to enjoy another few fires out here this season. 

It's December. 

My Christmas decorations are up but I still have Violas blooming that I planted in April. 

I'm confused. 

Granted, to look at the garden from a distance it doesn't look like anything much is happening but when you take a walk around there's lots to see!

The Strawberry plants have produced new leaves. They must think it's spring. 

Anyone know what I should do with these pumpkins that are left from our fall decor? I don't think they are pie pumpkins....suggestions would be welcomed! I've never cooked Pumpkin

More Violas blooming in the urn by the deck stairs. I wonder what are the chances they will make it through until spring?

The garlic I planted before the first hard frost has been growing for the past 6 weeks....I have no idea what will happen to it - this is the first time I've ever had the garlic come up before spring. The whole crop could be a bust - I'm not sure. Anyone ever have this happen to them? 

I cut the herbs all down before the first hard frost - remember that crazy harvest? Well they are still growing. Look at this Curly Parsley - it's quite happy!

So weird. 

The Sage is sending out new baby leaves. 

As is the Oregano. 

Not that I mind one bit having a steady supply of fresh herbs but it's just not normal for us at this point. 

More happy Violas. Going strong for 8 months now. Hardy little buggers. 

And look at all the new leaves on the climbing roses! 

No buds, the frost got to them - but the leaves are gorgeous, aren't they? 

It looks like I'll get out there this weekend and get some more garden chores done after all, which is something to look forward to in December. 

I wonder what the January garden will bring? 


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  1. You have some nice little things trying to grow again. :):) I have violas growing on the own. As for those pumpkins..I would break them up and throw into the woods for the wild things. Blessings for a beautiful weekend. xoxo,Susie

    1. I was kind of thinking that also - the deer might enjoy them. Thanks, Susie!!

  2. I've never had pansies make it through the winter here in OK. You are a true blogger: always grabbing the camera when the opportunity presents itself! Maybe the bear would like the pumpkins. I don't think I'd leave them on the deck to tempt him. Maybe take them out to the edges of his territory?

    1. Good point, Brenda - I'm going to throw them out in the woods like Susie suggested also - I'll break them against a tree and the critters can have a feast.

  3. I hate when the seasons get all confused and things that are not supposed to be growing continue to grow! We normally don't have snow down here until late December, January or February. The views from your home are just breathtaking!! I would never want to leave! Hugs!!

  4. Good morning. This year has been weird for all of us all over the country. I love that you are still having flowers trying to hang on and not leave. Best of both winter and spring mixed in. I am no help with pumpkins either.
    The views of the mountains are gorgeous. So peaceful and relaxing out on your deck.
    Have a great week end.

    1. It's super relaxing out there, Kris - in the warmer months I truly live outdoors - I don't even turn on the tv for 6 months of the year!!!

  5. We buy pie pumpkins, halve and seed them and then bake them. I have made several different pumpkin desserts and used it to make my famous (ha!) pumpkin roll for my daughter. So much better than canned... We also give some to the chickens and they pick it out of the shell.

    1. Thanks, Donna!! I have a couple of pie pumpkins inside that I'm going to bake....but these are just the cheap little pumpkins I picked up to decorate outside. I think the critters are going to get a treat!!

  6. That's what we did with our pumpkins last week...I just banged them up against a big rock in the woods and left them scattered for whatever animals want to indulge.

    The weather HAS been a little odd. The day after Thanksgiving was in the low 60's. I wonder what the rest of the winter will be like. Last year was super cold. Even though we were down south, we came back the end of February but still had about six weeks of cold and snowy weather to deal with (that's why this year we are coming back the end of March!) .

    1. I followed your advice today, Doreen - the critters should be happy with their feast!

  7. My butterfly bushes are still blooming despite the couple of frosts we had. The dead nettle are still green. My strawberry plants and blueberry bushes are alive also. I have some annuals both herbs and flowers that I planted in pots a few years ago and every year before the frost I bring them in and put them on the enclosed front porch which gets a LOT of sun and they survive the winter. It is nice to have fresh herbs growing during the winter.

    1. Wow, still blooming? That's crazy!! If I had an enclosed porch I'd do the very same as you - I'm hoping a few things will survive the winter if I put them in the garden cottage.


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