Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Change is Good!

Happy day, friends! It's weirdly hot and sticky around here today, but there is a storm blowing in that will bring much needed rain our way over the next few days. 

The clouds were gathering and the wind was kicking up this morning and the storm seemed imminent....and then the sun came out....for now. 

The foliage is creeping up the mountain and will peak within the next two weeks. Look at how beautiful this is!

Change is good. 

There are changes happening around my house this week, also. 

Last week my house looked like this. 

And sometimes this. 

Yes, I know....the baseboard cover is driving me nuts in this photo. Don't judge me too harshly.  :)

I love all the light. Bring on the sunshine, baby!

Yesterday when I left for work my house looked like this:

It's a bit of a mess, huh? Drapes are down, drop-cloths everywhere, dog bed in the middle of the room. 

When I came home from work it looked like this:

Look at my newwwwwww windowwwwww!!!! It's so beautifulllll!!

Even though I lost a little glass on either side (4 inches on each side with this living room window) the new windows let in even more light since they don't have all those big dividers. There's such a nice big expanse of glass and also the small divided panes on the top portion to add character. 

Here's a shot from the outside. Love Love Love!!

So exciting - new windows!! The other windows were original to the house, from way back in 1979, and had seen an awful lot of northeast winters. Most of them didn't open anymore, the screens were all shot, and the windows had very little in the way of insulating properties. 

These new windows will pay for themselves in no time with the savings in heating oil. Along with the replacement wood stove insert that you can see here, these were two big investments that I knew I had to make when I bought the house. I used that to my advantage in my initial negotiations. 

And I love these new windows! I feel like they suit the style of the house far better than the casement windows did. They are a cottage style window which really ties in with the cedar shakes on the outside of the house and the cottage style interior of the home as well. 

Did I mention I'm in love?

This morning when I was leaving for work my dining room looked like this:

Yup, that's a big gaping hole in the side of my house. Hopefully it will be all filled in before these storms hit. 

Stay tuned for more pictures of the finished product. Kitchen window and guest room are next. 

What's changing in your neck of the woods?


  1. Oh wow, what a difference! The windows look wonderful. I agree, it's a much less obstructed view and a much more classic style! Enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Kim! I'm excited to see them finished with the new molding!

  3. Your new window is beautiful! What a difference! Happy sunshine to you today!


  4. The only sunshine around here today is you, KariAnne!!


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