Friday, September 18, 2015

End of Summer Garden Update

Happy Weekend, Friends! I hope you all had a glorious week and have some fun plans for the weekend! 

Time is flying by and before you know it the garden blooms will be gone...but for now we still have some beautiful things happening all around us. 

The begonias have had their best year ever! They are so happy down on the lower deck and they just put out non-stop blooms. I will bring them in for the winter once more and they should continue to bloom in the house, which will be so lovely to enjoy in the winter months. 

The Zinnias are still shining bright in the late season garden. 

As are the cosmos. They like to be continuously deadheaded, which I'm a little behind on at the moment, but so far they aren't too mad at me!

The gorgeous Casablanca Lilies are nearly done, but this new bloom just opened this week. I look forward to many years of beauty from the bulbs I put in this spring, and they should continue to multiply to create an even more amazing display each year. 

The Cleome is still going strong and the bees love it! This little guy was buzzing happily through the garden while I was taking photos and he didn't mind me one bit!

I never know what color Cleome is going to pop up but it doesn't really matter because I love them all. 

The Autumn Joy Sedum is coming into bloom while the Monarda (Bee Balm) fizzles out. I had a great season with the Monarda, it bloomed for about 3 months so I really can't complain!

The Nasturtiums in the veggie garden are so much happier than the ones on the deck. I'm really not sure why as they were from the same seed packet, and they both got plenty of sun and good soil. The ones on the deck are truly pathetic, while the ones in the veggie garden have spilled out onto the garden paths and have taken over!

The Morning Glories in the veggie garden are still going strong, popping up here and there. The blooms are the size of a saucer from this variety, while the self sown ones from last season are about a third the size, but a vibrant purple. 

I found this butternut squash blossom hiding under some leaves...but I'm pretty sure it's too late in the season for anything to come of it. Too bad. 

The tomatoes are still rocking the veggie garden - there are HUNDREDS yet to ripen - and I have lots of plans for filling my freezer with amazing things created with all these yummy tomatoes! Not a single tomato will go to waste if I have my way!

The carrots are nearly ready to pick - they are showing their shoulders above the soil so I'll start bringing them in soon. Hopefully by removing some of the larger ones that will give the smaller ones room to continue to grow. 

Same with the onions. I'm leaving them in the garden as long as possible to keep growing...I hope my plan works. Hey, I'm still new at this whole farmer thing!

The herb garden is OUT. OF. CONTROL! Insane. I see some herb butter in my future. Lots. 

The zucchini is still trying but I have yet to actually get even ONE zucchini out of my garden this year. Weird. Everyone else is trying to give them away!  Which actually works for me....thanks, guys!

And the grasses. Oh, my! They are truly my garden love this year. Next year I will put some in the large planters on the deck so I can enjoy them up close. I love the way the breezes move them, and the sun shines through them. Just gorgeous. 

The Dahlias are still doing amazing. 

They are like little drops of sunshine in the garden. 

This little guy was enjoying the sunshine on a geranium leaf. As long as he stays outside...

The geraniums are hanging in there although not blooming as profusely as in the warmer months. But I'll take every bloom I can get for as long as I can get them!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone - take a moment to observe the beauty around you!


  1. Your garden is beautiful and inspiring! Ours did not end nearly that beautifully!

    1. Thanks, Jen! It's going down in the 30's tonight so this could be the last hurrah for some of the plants. Sad!


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