Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Garden Update

Hi Everyone! There was no sun to be found this morning but it sure is shining now! I took a walk around my garden this morning to see how things are holding up this late in the season. Come along for a walkabout!

The Cleome is still a shining star in the late summer garden 
The whiskey barrel plantings are still lush and healthy even though many of the other container gardens are struggling 
The edge of the woods is a mass of yellow with Yarrow and Goldenrod competing for attention
Goldenrod just about ready to bloom 
The Begonias can't be beat - I overwinter these indoors and they bounce back beautifully every summer
The Clematis that came with the house hasn't stopped flowering all summer - I wish I knew what kind it was so I could get more!
The Foxglove that my daughter planted in the spring decided to join the party late in the game - better late than never!
I just added three of these beautiful Rudbeckia plants outside the veggie garden 
The Zucchini has jumped the fence and is finally (FINALLY!!) producing, right when everyone else's Zucchini production is waning
Now that the Japanese Beetles have abandoned the hanging Geraniums they are happy again 
My beautiful Ornamental Grasses - I think these are one of my favorites this season
I love the contrast of the Ornamental Grasses and these colorful Petunias with the Creeping Jenny
The Morning Glories on the veggie garden fence are still flowering to beat the band - they truly shine in late summer
Lots more tomatoes yet to ripen - I see a lot of pasta dishes in our near future!
And some Caprese Salad with some really good locally made Fresh Mozzarella and home grown Basil
And of course sliced tomatoes on good bread with mayo and a sprinkle of sea salt!
I picked up some Mums last week to "fluff" up the September container gardens
My baby Fig Tree is super happy after being repotted
The Garlic we harvested is small but mighty
The Morning Glories climbing on the deck railing are still hanging on although not nearly as happy as the self-sown ones from last year's container gardens that I replanted in the spring over by the veggie garden 
The Strawberry Plants are showing their fall colors
The container gardens on the deck still look ok from a distance but up close they are showing their late season wear and tear (on a side note - not a smidge of sunshine and I couldn't even see the mountains under the cloud cover this morning!)
I'm pretty sure the Goldenrod isn't helping my allergies but it sure looks pretty in the September garden
Thanks for coming along on our morning walkabout! 

What are the shining stars in your late summer garden?

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