Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Garden Cottage Update

Hi All! I hope you are all settling nicely back into the work week after a long holiday weekend! 

We were sure busy around my new home, there's always so much to be done and never enough hours in the day! We were so very lucky to have family and friends visiting this weekend and somehow still managed to find time to cross a few more things off the To Do List. 

One of the things on the top of my list has been to get my little potting shed in shape before fall. It was in really bad repair when I bought the house and it had come a long way since the purchase - you can read about phase one here in My Garden Cottage

But I wanted more. So much more!

This is how it sat for a few months after we made it structurally sound and added electricity. 

The exterior finally got painted just recently when time allowed....which brought it to this:

Better, right? 

Well....I still wanted more. I could always see the potential for it to be a true garden cottage. 

So next came the shutters. Starting to take shape! I like the way this is going!

Then there was this. I put it together and stained it to match the trim. And my sweetie installed it for me yesterday. 

Looks so much more finished even at this stage, don't you think? It's almost like we added mascara and eyeliner to a naked eye.....

WELL - if that's the case, now we added eyeshadow and false lashes to really glam it up!!

I selected some cold hardy plants to give it some pizzazz this late in the season because let's face it, there was no way I was waiting until spring!

And then I had to do more. Yup, more. Out came the blush and red lipstick and high heels. 

And by the end of the day my little garden cottage was looking so much more beautiful....and I was a downright dirty sweaty mess! But I was a happy mess....happy and very, very sore. 

And I hobbled into the house and took a hot bath and went to bed dreaming of little garden cottages. 

And the little garden cottage went to sleep dreaming of what the future may hold.

And when I awoke the first thing I did was grab my coffee and head out to see my beautiful little garden cottage....and it was still there and it was not a dream!

And I sat in my little red rescued metal chair and sipped my coffee and chatted with the neighbor who came to see what all the fuss was about. 

He loves the little garden cottage. And he can't wait to see what comes next. 

Me, too. 


  1. Your neighbor is very cute! ;) I love your garden cottage. We have a pool house that needs some attention. I know that it could be so much sweeter with the addition of a window box, painted shutters, a more interesting door...you get the picture. Every time I sit by the pool though, I start to relax and I don't get anything done! I need to get moving! Love the red chairs!!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I need to do some more work on the inside but there are only so many hours in the day....but I am still dreaming of what I can make it eventually!

      Your house is so beautiful, I love visiting your site.

  2. Thanks, Deb! There is still tons to do but until I figure out what I want it may stay like this for a while!

  3. I love all the things you added to the exterior, It looks so charming!
    Lilly ;-)

  4. Thank you, Lilly! And thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!

  5. What a cozy looking little garden cottage ! so quaint!

  6. I love this so much, what a great post!

  7. I very much like your garden shed's "makeup." It does wonders for a gal!

    1. It sure does, Dewena! I think it made both me and the little cottage happy!

  8. WOW! All I can say is WOW! It's BEAUTIFUL and gives me lots of ideas for my little chicken house turned garden shed. But, I'll probably take those ideas with me when I move because the next folks to live here might want that shed as a chicken house. It's all good!

    1. I think I have always loved the idea of a 'she shed' where I can go and putter and plant and dream of flowers and spring! I'd love to do a little more with the interior....but since it's a real, working potting shed I don't know how much more is practical!


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