Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Attack

Good Morning, Everyone!

As often happens, I had a completely different post planned for today but when I was putting the camera away this morning something caught my eye.....

I spotted this little guy out my living room window....he was planning his attack on the flat feeder to steal the peanuts!

(These photos were all taken through a very clean not so clean window so please excuse the quality!)

He's awfully cute, isn't he? As long as he doesn't come into the house we will get along just fine!

There he goes, up on the back of the chair....

Scurrying up the feeder pole.....boy, he's quick!

Nearly there....

And he's in!! Can you see him?

Back out again, quick as a flash, holding his treasure!

Oh boy, look how lucky he is with a big peanut to munch on for breakfast!

And.....just like that? He's gone!

But he'll be back. The flat feeder gets a fresh supply of peanuts in the shell every morning before I go to work....and every afternoon when I come home it's empty. This is the first time I've been able to get photos of the little bandit - usually as soon as they see movement through the window they take off running! 

I spotted a Blue Jay this morning having his breakfast there, also...but no photos of him just yet, he was far too quick for me. Now that they have found the feeder it will be a busy spot. It will sure be nice to watch the birds and critters out the window in the winter months from my cozy chair next to the warm fire. 

It won't be that long until the first fire is you see how the leaves are changing in my garden? The heat wave has passed with the rainstorm last night (yayyy!) and the cool weather is moving in - the leaves will change so quickly now and before you know it the trees will be a kaleidoscope of color!

Which means it's time to decorate for fall....double yayyyy!!

Have a happy day, friends!


  1. We have a couple of cute little bandits in my yard too! I love to watch them, they really are long as, like you said, they stay outside!! ;)

  2. It's bizarre how many chipmunks I have around my new house! I'll miss the little guys when the winter comes and they go into hibernation!

  3. Haha such a nice story. And yes, they are fine as long as they stay outside :)

    1. I had one in my garage this morning but he didn't stick around long!
      Have a fabulous weekend with the Thistles! 😊

  4. That little guy has been back a hundred times since these photos! He must be stashing away the nuts for winter!


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