Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cozy Autumn Nights

Happy Fall, Folks!! I just adore the fall with the brightly colored leaves, the changing light, and the brisk fall weather. I'm happy to bring out the sweaters and boots again, even though I know up here in the  mountains I will be wearing boots for the next 6 months or more. Good thing I have a collection!

And as much as I adore all the sunshine that streams into my house (take a peek here ) I'm also a huge fan of cozy evenings at home with lots of scented candles and soft lighting. And a great Pandora station with relaxing music. The music varies depending on my mood, how my day was, and what's happening that evening - if it's just me, it will be something relaxing and meditative to help me wind down after a long day at work. If we are having company, the music changes to suit the guests we are hosting that evening.

There's just something about dimming the lights and lighting a candle that sets the tone for a peaceful night.

I always have a few candles glowing when we're having dinner and I lower the lights for a more intimate and relaxing setting. It doesn't matter if we have just two of us around the table or 8.

These lit twigs on top of my china closet add some nice ambiance all year long. I've had them for about 10 years or more and they are always in a prominent place where I can view them from many spots in my home. In this house I can see them when I'm cooking in the kitchen, when we're dining at the table, and when I finally sit down in the living room after a busy day. There's just something about them that makes me happy. It's like having Christmas lights glowing every day!

Even the guest bath got a little lamp with an amber bulb for soft lighting along with some scented rose hips for a special touch. I love having a little lamp in the bathroom so my guests don't have to search for a light switch when they enter the room.

The fireplace mantle glows with the ivory pillars in the glass and metal lanterns. I originally got those lanterns to go outside but they are simply too gorgeous - they had to stay indoors.

There's just something about seeing soft light through a window on a brisk evening that invites you inside to the warm, cozy house.

And the glow of a light by the doorway also says "Come on in!"

And when all the guests have gone and the house is all tidied up again that's a different kind of peace. The feeling of an evening well spent surrounded by people we care about, sharing a good meal and making memories around the table.

The dishwasher is running, the kitchen is shining, and it's time to sit and relax for a bit before bed.

It's a great feeling. It's called home. After 3 moves in 4 years I'm delighted to have my very own home where I can relax and know I can settle in for the long haul.

My happy place.

I'm staying.


  1. I love dimmed lights too, Debbie! That glow in the cool evening is so warm and welcoming. I love your new blog design! I am a huge red fan! ;) Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog today. I did leave the link to the HD fireplace in response to your comment. I would've emailed you, but you are a no reply blogger.
    Hope that helps! :) Enjoy your cozy evening.

    1. Thanks Kim! I have to give all the credit for the redesign to Brenda from Cozy Little House - she has been incredibly helpful and I am so grateful to her as well as to everyone who takes time to visit and comment on my blog. You bloggers are rock stars!
      I'll check out the link - thanks so much!

  2. I envy you having a home you can do what you want to. It's beautiful and very cozy. And the landscape you have to gaze at: incredible!

    1. Thank you, Brenda - I feel very blessed to finally have a home that I know I will be in for a long time. It was a tough road to get to this point but I'm here now....and I'm not leaving! Thank you for your amazing help today. Tell Abi I'm sorry I disturbed her!

  3. This was such a fun and pretty post....comparing it with your sunshine one made it all the better. You've captured the sunshine and lighting in general in so many lovely ways between the two! :)


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