Friday, November 20, 2015

Giving Thanks....and a Thankgsiving Recipe

My younger daughter posted a beautiful reminder last night about taking time each day to be grateful for the little things in your life. She's a sweet and gentle soul and her post made me think about the many, many blessings we have in each day....blessings that are found in the simplest moments. 

I'm writing this post while I have my lunch....leftovers from a wonderful meal last night - roast chicken with mashed potatoes, carrots and green beans that I grew in my veggie garden, and cranberry sauce I made last Thanksgiving and froze in tiny containers to enjoy all throughout the year. 

It's such a little thing but I am so grateful for the good food on my plate and the sunshine outside my office window on this glorious day. 

And I'm sharing my all time favorite Cranberry Sauce recipe with you. 

Because I am grateful for you, my friends in Blogland, and your visits and sweet comments each day. 

Thank you. 

(Note: This photo was taken in my rental house last Thanksgiving, prior to moving to my new home. Excuse the iPhone quality.)

I made this on Thanksgiving morning while I was also making breakfast for my family. This is soooooo easy to make....and miles ahead of any cranberry sauce you will EVER buy in a store. Seriously. 

Even if you aren't hosting Thanksgiving dinner you can make this and enjoy it all year with roast chicken, turkey sandwiches, etc. Or bring it to Thanksgiving I do! It also freezes beautifully - I freeze it in these tiny disposable Glad Mini Round containers and then stuff them all into a large ziploc bag, and pull one out in the morning to thaw before dinner. 
Here we go:

Bourbon Vanilla Cranberry Sauce

1 bag of fresh cranberries from the produce section in your supermarket
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water 
2 tbs of bourbon (I use cherry bourbon)
1 tbs of vanilla extract (not the cheap imitation stuff - use the real thing)

Mix all together in a saucepan and simmer on low for about a half hour until the cranberries have burst and are starting to break down. Remove from heat and let cool before placing into containers to freeze. 

Sauce will thicken significantly as it cools. 

Another easy-peasy recipe!!

Enjoy, my friends. 

And have a happy weekend!


  1. I just popped over and read the post. Fabulous. I love that idea and I am going to suggest that challenge on Thanksgiving day. I am going to try to do it every day. That means about once a week for me!! Ha!! ;)

    1. That would be fun! You could have everyone write down their thoughts for a set amount of time and then put them into a jar and pull one out at at time to read aloud!! So it could be anonymous.....or not.


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