Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Visit To The Happiest Place On Earth

I took a vacation day yesterday to take a visit to the Happiest Place On Earth. 

What? No, not Disneyland, silly......HOME GOODS!!!!

My plan was to hit up Michaels, Marshalls, and Home Goods....and possibly a gourmet food market I love that is on my way home. I made it only to Michael's and Home Goods. 

Living up here on the mountain top we don't have any of those super amazing shops close by - they are all about 40 miles from home. I can't just pop in for a nosy any time I feel like it - I have to plan a special trip. 

I had a long list of items I was looking for on my trip and ended up with a whole bunch of stuff that was NOT on my list and very few things that were actually on my list! Eek!!

Home Goods is just a terrifying store. In a good way. I just want to take the entire store home with me. But I try and remember to stay away from things that really don't work with what I already have. 

For instance, I don't have a set of all white why would I get all white pitchers or serving platters? All my serving items are red. And my dishes are warm colors - deep red, brown, rust, beige. So I try to stick with what works with my china. 

Let's face it, I don't have room to store multiple sets of china to swap out just because I feel like looking at something different every now and again. 

Unless of course I got them at a SUPER amazing price, like in a thrift store. Then I would make room. 

Until then, I'm holding out. 

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet but there was SO MUCH Christmas stuff - I couldn't help but get sucked in a little! They were even playing Christmas music. Yikes!!  So, end result? More than half of the dining room table was covered in Christmas stuff. 

I can't help it - I am really, really excited to decorate my house this year since it's the first Christmas in my new house!! And since I'm planning on staying here for eternity and I have a bigger space to decorate I need to pick up a little bit here and there as I go along. 

Like these tree decorations....I am putting a second tree in the lower level family room this year and have ZERO decorations for it yet. 

I told my daughter it's up to her to pick up ornaments in the millions of thrift shops she frequents but I have no doubt she has not even looked for anything yet. And now that we are so close to the holidays you know there won't be a thing to be found. So, these sets will at least mean the lower level tree isn't totally naked. 

And the cocktail napkins are just super cute, don't you think?

Since my sweetie has a thick mustache and lovely silver hair this made me think of him....he's my Sweetie Santa Clause. Kissa!

Home Goods always has wonderful prices on candles - I never leave without a few. It's nice to be actually able to pick up the candle and give it the sniff test - I miss that when I order them online!

These hand towels will be so beautiful for the winter in my new master bath. 

And just look at this adorable Tea Towel - that pom pom fringe and rick rack trim is to die for!!  I'm regretting I didn't pick up two....I might have to go back for another one. 

Seriously - so cute! I can't even!!

Check out these beautiful sparkly runners and beaded placements - absolutely lovely and I can use these not only for the holidays but all winter long. 

I'm a sucker for anything that sparkles....I think I'm still a 12 year old girl on the inside. 

And come on - how completely adorable are these guys? They go on the bottles on the bar...I already have a few but had been looking to add to my collection - I couldn't pass these up!

I did pick up a few items that were not for Christmas - look at this gorgeous Autumn runner - and this beautiful tablecloth. Oh, I did tell you about my obsession fondness for table linens, right?  Yeah. 

The autumn runner is already on the dining room table.....once I cleared away the haul. Loving it!!

But wait....there's more. 

Two more table runners. Chenille, heavy weight - they feel like upholstery weight. Gorgeous for the winter - and that gold color will feel a little brighter after all the heavy fall and holiday colors. 

And of course I couldn't come home without something for my little fur babies - they are going to have so much fun ripping this little soft squishy cow to shreds and leaving pieces of him all. over. my. house. 


And I will be so happy to watch them do it. That's tonight's entertainment. In my other happiest place on earth....home. 

What's your happiest place on earth?


  1. You are so much like me. I am so excited because this is my first xmas in my own home and i will be here for eternity as well. i'm gonna splurge friday . i have the day off and i plan to go shopping for decorations then! love all the stuff u got!

    1. Thanks, Ellen!! There's nothing like decorating your OWN home for Christmas, am I right? Enjoy your happy place on Friday!!

  2. Ha! I was just there and literally had to cover my eyes and walk by the Christmas stuff (which turned out to be EVERYWHERE!). You scored some very cute items and truth be told, they won't be there when you go back to grab them. Enjoy!

    1. I know! I might have to send my daughter in for another of those tea-towels before they are all gone!!

  3. Replies
    1. I had so much fun just walking around looking at the billions of items in Home Goods! Isn't it funny how exhausting it is, though?

  4. This is our first real Christmas at the farm too. We landed there at the end of October last year but stuff was everywhere so I'm excited too. Can't wait to see what you do with the place.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

    1. I hope you post some more updates on your home, Valerie - I look forward to seeing what you do, also!!

  5. Probably some place in nature where I have an abundance of photo opportunities.We don't have a Home Goods here. I love your fall table!

  6. Love your purchases! I could spend days in HomeGoods and am usually there a few hours...sometimes looking, sometimes buying. Either way, it's all good! Hugs!!

    1. I think I was there for three hours yesterday. THREE HOURS!!! And I could have been there longer, I just got overwhelmed and tired and hungry!!

  7. You certainly picked up a lot of great holiday items ! :)

    1. I did, Deb! And not even one of them was actually on my list - oops!!

  8. You certainly picked up a lot of great holiday items ! :)

  9. Girl, going to HomeGoods with a list is like going to an Italian bakery with one...just plain silly!!

    I'd say 'ya done good'. Love the linens, and of course, that cow is precious! Like you, I have to drive about 40 minutes for the nearest HG. Oh the horror! I used to have one just five minutes away when we lived in NY. In fact I went there on Monday when I visited and it was heaven on earth. Oh HG, how I love thee!

    1. I guess it's probably a good thing my Home Goods is so far away - otherwise my weekly paycheck would be going there on a regular basis!!

  10. Ahhhh christima stuff, yay! Makes me soo excited.



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