Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Styling a Dresser, Part II

So, remember way back when I did a post on my Master Bedroom renovation?

And then on styling a dresser?

Well, believe it or not I'm still trying to get the balance right on that dresser. 

Ok, so the other day I went to The Happiest Place On Earth  which was a very, very good day. And I shared with you many of the items I bought that day. 

However, I left out just a teeny weeny bit of what I purchased. 

These beauties. 

Notice the glitter? The sparkles? The crystals? Yup, I'm still a 12 year old girl on the inside. For sure. 

I had a plan. I have been searching for ages for some tall branches to put in this beauty. 

Isn't she pretty? I had picked her up for a steal...of course....at Decor Steals. 

I've mentioned my obsession fondness for Decor Steals in the past, right?

Yes. Well. 

Anyway, this baby has been sitting on my dresser for at least a month. I've been trying to find just the right thing to put in her. 

I mean, you can't just put anything, right? I was going to see this every morning when I woke up and last thing at night when I turned out the light. 

So, when I made my trip into civilization last week, off to Michael's I went. 

Humming a happy tune and skipping all the way. 

And I went to their floral department. The place with all the branches and stuff. 

And it was all boring. It had all been done. Like a million times. 


I needed flash. I needed sparkle. I needed bling. 

Yes, bling. 

And then across the store came a blinding flash of light....it was the sun shining in the front windows onto a display of....

....Sparkly Holiday Branches. 

At HALF off. 

And one of them was covered in silver glitter and pearls and crystals and was shouting my name from across the store.....

I mean, come on. Glitter. Crystals. Pearls. 


So I ran to the front of the store and picked out three of the sparkliest, glitteriest branches I could find and three branches of pearls to keep them company and I zipped my now-covered-in-glitter-from-head-to-toe self through the register and brought those babies home to my little mountain house. 

In my now-covered-in-glitter car. 

You can never escape Michaels without being attacked by glitter, can you? Even the credit card swiper was covered in glitter!

So, here she is in all her glory. 

And she's beautiful and the sun catches the sparkly things and makes me smile. 

But now there's another problem. 


No, look again. 

The lamp is too small. The scale is all wrong. 

So now I'm looking for a new lamp. 

In fairness, I never really liked this one. I picked two of them up at Lowes a few years back in desperation when I needed bedside lights after my divorce. 

But they were never my style. I thought I could make them work but....nope. 

Not doing it for me. 

So the hunt continues. I think I'm going to head back to the Happiest Place On Earth. 

Until then, maybe I'll put this lamp on a stack of books or something so that it doesn't drive me completely out of my mind. 

My sweetie's right. 

I am anal. 

But don't tell him I admitted it. 




  1. Well, I'm anal the same way then. I can't stand when something's "off." I love that Decor Steal's...what would you call it? Bottle?

    1. Yeah, he's right. And I hate it when he's right!! :) I am definitely anal. I will arrange and re-arrange things time and time again until it just feels right to me.

      And I know you're exactly the same. Kindred spirits, I told you!

    2. Michael's should change their name to "Michael's - The Glitter Store". Every time I visit, I get covered in glitter, even though I touched nothing glittery! I love the branches...they look so beautiful. But you are right about the height/balance being off. A much taller, heavier-based lamp is needed....HomeGoods has a great selection, as does Hobby Lobby. But, so do the thrift stores...you could probably find a nice little project! :-)

    3. Thanks, Benita - I'd love to get back to Home Goods for another look around - I'm also checking out Lamps Plus (the open box sale is a good one!) And I'll be off the mountain shopping this weekend so who knows what I may find!!

  2. I do the same thing. It's got to feel right or it must go! Pretty sparkle!

    1. I love the sparkle, Kim! A girl's gotta have some glam, you know?

  3. I won't tell ;)

    I love the sparkle!


  4. Love the styling of the dresser. So pretty. Love that mirror.

    1. Thanks, Kris, me too! That was a lightbulb moment when I spotted the mirror - it was a no brainer that it was the perfect mirror for me!!

  5. I do the same thing if it doesn't look quite right to me. Drives my husband crazy! Target actually has some nice lamps. If you have one near you, you might want to check them out. good prices too!

    1. Thanks, Diane - I hadn't thought of Target but you're absolutely right, I bought lamps there in the past and they are lovely! Thanks for the visit!!

  6. You can make your own lamps out of fancy bottles. I have made quite a few. Some out of old pottery. You need to buy a lamp making kit or take apart a lamp that you no longer want or use.

    1. Thanks for the visit and the suggestion - I will absolutely keep this in mind as I'm shopping around! Good reminder to think outside the box!!


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